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If you are worried about unintentional weight loss for yourself or maybe you have a parent who you have noticed is losing weight and becoming frail, this book will provide you with some guidance on what you can do to help. It is not uncommon for people, through illness or ageing, to find their appetite diminishing, which can lead to unintentional weight loss. This increases the risk of malnutrition which can lead to weakness and may affect a person’s ability to look after themselves and stay in their own home. This book has been written by practicing NHS dietitian and former professional chef Celia Mannering. It draws on her experience of treating patients with a poor appetite and utilises her years of involvement in creating mouth-watering dishes to provide solutions suitable for a broad range of tastes. The text provides handy tips on how to stimulate the appetite and encourage more intake of food and drinks. It explains how you can increase the calorie and protein content of everyday meals, this is called food fortification, which is a means of increasing the density of nutrition in food and drink without increasing the portion size, therefore showing that it really is possible to make “every mouthful count”. It contains a collection of delicious, tried and trusted recipes which have been developed specifically for people with a poor appetite and features over 50 recipes for the three main meals of the day as well as snacks, treats and even drinks. Each recipe has a full step by step method, ingredients list, colour photo and nutritional information and all have been prepared by Celia herself, using everyday ingredients. Many of the recipes are quick and simple to make and most are suitable for batch cooking and freezing, so that there can always be a nutritious, delicious meal available for times when you don’t feel like cooking. To create a beautiful tasty and nutritious meal for yourself or for a loved one, that has a positive effect on mood and health, is very satisfying indeed.

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